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Tracing & Locating people

Utilizing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques, MiATA traces and locates individuals by gathering information from publicly available sources as:

Social Media Analysis: Examining publicly accessible profiles on social media platforms can provide valuable information about a person's past and current location or locations. 

Geotagging: MiATA scrutinizes geotagged information within photos and social media posts, revealing the specific locations visited by an individual over a particular time frame.

Online Forums and Communities: Monitoring relevant online forums and communities in order to yield information about a person's potential  whereabouts and  potential meet-up locations.

Public Records: By accessing publicly available records such as property records, court documents, and open government databases MiATA can help trace individuals and gather information about their residences and work address .

Online Directories: Utilizing online directories, both general and industry-specific, MiATA can aid in finding contact details and location information.

News and Media: MiATA will comb publicly available news articles or media coverage that may contain information about a person's recent activities or whereabouts.

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