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MiATA services are geared towards understanding the human aspect behind numbers and business entities.

While existing services and traditional analyses delve into the financial aspects, be it for investment purposes, other business needs such as senior HR recruitment, or other general background checks, our focus will be on understanding the underlying human factor in these scenarios.

Our Services

Business Intelligence & Due Diligence

  • Are you interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the individuals behind the company you intend to invest in ?

  • Do you want to know who actually stands behind the  promising business venture you are about to be a part of ?

  • Does the business venture or company you are planning to engage with truly exist and operate as it has been presented ?

  • Do you wish to mitigate risks at a reasonable price and a fast time frame ?


  • Are you interested in confirming the authenticity, accuracy and truthfulness of the candidate's: education, experience, values, employment & professional history as presented by him or the recruitment and placement company?

  • Do you wish to conduct thorough assessments to ensure that the selected candidate, once hired, will not pose financial risks or harm the company's reputation?

Tracing & Locating People

  • Are you attempting to find someone for business or personal purposes?

  • Are you in search of someone who owes you a debt ?

  • Are you attempting to investigate the locations and geographical areas related to someone's activities ?

Law Inforcment

  • How can you obtain valuable information that is not accessible through conventional law enforcement methods?

  • As part of law enforcement efforts, how can the use of online tools contribute to the effectiveness of an investigation?

  • How can the use of OSINT save money, time, and resources in law enforcement operations? 

Fund Raising & Philantropic Activity

  • How can you enhance your understanding of a donor's background, values, interests, hobbies, and philanthropic history to increase the likelihood of securing donations?

  • How can you employ strategies to ensure that the donation is directed towards your organisation rather than other nonprofit initiatives

Your Tailored Service/Solution

Need MiATA for a specific need? As an agile company we are here for you. Unlock the full potential of OSINT by tailoring your own usage to meet specific needs and objectives. Our customizable solutions empower you to shape your intelligence-gathering journey for optimal results.

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