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Business Intelligence & Due Diligence

MiATA utilizes OSINT  for conducting a comprehensive Due Diligence by gathering open source  information to assess and mitigate risks by reducing blind spots associated with potential business ventures, investments, partnerships, or transactions. OSINT for business due diligence encompasses various aspects:

Company Background Checks: Acquiring information about a company's history, reputation, , financial performance, sanctions, management structure, pyramid structure of control, financial performance, involvement in legal claims, traces in international 'blacklists,' ties to tax havens, clients, suppliers, employees, patents, and operational methods . 

Market Analysis: MiATA Leverages OSINT to gain insights into market trends, competition, benchmarking studies, feasibility assessments, industry reviews across diverse domains for business initiatives and new projects. These endeavors will enable you to obtain an up-to-date understanding of the market in which you operate and confer a competitive edge.

Partnerships and Alliances: MiATA Examines a company's partnerships, collaborations, and alliances to understand its network and potential dependencies.

Executive Profiles: Investigating the backgrounds and professional histories of key executives and decision-makers within a company to evaluate their qualifications and potential risks.

Financial Health: Assessing the financial stability and performance of a company through the analysis of publicly available financial statements, reports, and news.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance: MiATA utilizes open-source intelligence (OSINT) to investigate legal concerns, regulatory violations, or ongoing legal proceedings connected with the company, which could potentially jeopardize a business venture.

Social Media Analysis: Scrutinizing the company's social media presence for insights into its brand image, customer interactions, and potential red flags.

Reputation Management: MiATA monitors online mentions, reviews, and news related to the company to assist you assess its reputation and potential risks.

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